Participation Opportunities

Joint Venture

We provide opportunities for individuals to invest in distressed residential mortgage notes at deep discounts while being secured with the underlying real estate asset.

We do this by identifying assets that provide a value-play in our ability to build equity and generate cashflow from the acquisition and improvement of the underperforming asset, whether it be a distressed note or a foreclosed property.

Most investors are unhappy with the poor performance from 401k, savings, CDs, bonds and money market accounts, and today’s stock and mutual fund markets are wildly unpredictable. Investing in mortgage notes yield much higher returns on average than any of the previously mentioned investment vehicles.

So, how can you benefit from working with us?

With our experience with acquiring distressed mortgage notes at deep discounts and restructuring them for maximized value, you can benefit from the kind of high performance returns which are typical of our business model. Above all, we strive to treat every homeowner with dignity and respect. Through this philosophy and business model we have been able to turn non-performing mortgage notes into performing loans which creates revenue for our ventures and income to both us and our venture partners.